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Sijo is a lyrical form of poetry that has been used in Korea since at least the fourteenth century. Technically speaking, sijo is meant to be sung. Like the Haiku of Japan, this form of poetry is typically written in three lines.

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The Book of Sijo

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Why Is God Upside Down?

A lifelong seeker of truth and meaning, author John M. Boye shares his spiritual journey from the Christian faith of his childhood to the covens of witchcraft to the mindful practice of Zen Buddhism he now embraces.


Growing up in a nominally Lutheran family, John recounts his fascination from a young age with all things religious and spiritual.


Through his school years, battling obesity and the poor self-confidence that often comes with being different, John continually senses the important presence of the unseen in life.


As he explores different religions and belief systems, moving from Christianity to Hinduism, following his father into the secret world of Freemasonry, dedicating himself to the practice of witchcraft and paganism for over two decades, and finding wisdom in the teachings of Zen Buddhism, John ultimately realizes he must turn his search inward to find the understanding he seeks.


With compassion and insight, John shares the lessons he’s learned from some of the world’s most ancient, and revered religions.


Why Is God Upside Down? provides the perfect framework for other seekers to pause, reflect, question, and reengage as they continue their own search to find manifestations of divine presence and meaning in life.  


Price: $15.99

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